This blog has been created to share ideas, news and information about foundational learning. The Centre for Foundational Learning (CFL) at Bow Valley College (BVC) is a new centre dedicated to fostering and engaging in applied research and innovation. Our goal is to enhance teaching and learning in adult literacy, basic education, high school upgrading and essentials skills.

This blog is intended both for BVC faculty and staff, and others interested in the topics addressed here.

Who are the people at the CFL?

Audrey Gardner
Coordinator, Centre for Foundational Learning

email: agardger (AT) bowvalleycollege (DOT) ca
Tel: 1.403.410.1502

Sarah Elaine Eaton
Project Officer, Centre for Foundational Learning

e-mail: seaton (AT) bowvalleycollege (DOT) ca
Tel: 1.403.476.1242

In addition to us, there are numerous researchers who have been actively engaging in applied research projects. We encourage everyone affiliated with the Centre to comment and share ideas and resources with us.

We will try to post regularly, so feel free to visit often and add your voice to the comments. We would very much like to create an active online conversation that will promote learning and applied research.

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