Workshops with Stan Jones

The post originally appeared on the Read Forward website.

Next week The Centre for Foundational Learning at Bow Valley College will be hosting two workshops on literacy with Stan Jones, a literacy expert, researcher and consultant a consultant to the Assessment Resource Project.

Workshop 1— Reading & Interactive Technology

The focus of this presentation will be on reading and interactive technology – computers, iphones etc.  What do we know? What should we know? How can we use this information in teaching/learning?  This workshop will also provide background on the newest research on adult reading assessment from PIAAC (Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies).

Workshop 2— IALS & The Assessment Resource Project

This presentation will provide some background on the IALS (International Adult Literacy Survey) framework and some specific information about the research from IALS that helps us understand adult readers.  Stan will relate this information to the current project in Academic Foundations, The Assessment Resource Project.

Stan Jones is a literacy expert, researcher and consultant.  He has been involved with the International Adult Literacy Surveys (IALS) since Statistics Canada first surveyed adult Canadians in  1994.  Recently he has contributed to the publications “Learning Literacies in Canada” (2008) and Reading the Future (2008).  Stan is  currently working as consultant and project designer for the Assessment Resource Project, Academic Foundations.

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