Read Forward Official Launch

This post originally appeared on the Read Forward website.

Here at Bow Valley College the Read Forward team is excited to officially launch the product of two years of collaborative work with a host of people from across Canada – Read Forward: A series of easy-to-use adult reading tests referenced to the International Adult Literacy Survey.

As part of the launch, the resource is now available for purchase here on our website; please see the Order Form page for details.

Read Forward comes as a two-part package. First there is the User Guide. The User Guide has 100 pages of information on how to use all aspects of the resource, question and text examples from the tests with explanations about the reading skills, as well as details about the development of the project. The segment specific instructions and examples are organized by easy-to-use tabs, so that you can quickly locate the information you need on the specific segment or segments you plan to use.

Inside the front cover of the User Guide is a USB flash drive that holds all the other components of the resource:

  • TESTS There are a total of 30 different tests. This is 5 unique tests for each segment. This provides instructors lots of options and learners lots of opportunity to practice and eventually master the skill set they are working on.
  • ANSWER KEYS The answer keys that explain both the optimal answer and alternate acceptable answers. The role of the answer keys is to help make marking easier for the instructor or the tutors or educational assistants who may also be using this resource.
  • RESULTS FEEDBACK FORMS These are here to help provide ongoing, formative feedback for the learner.
  • LOCATOR TESTS These are accompanied by answer keys and score sheets. Their role is to help determine whether a learner should be using the tests from segment B or C or something else.

Everything on the USB flash drive can be printed from a regular office printer in either colour or black and white.

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