Good Reads Series

Short Books. Easy Reading. Great Authors. ABC Life Literacy Canada and Grass Roots Press present books by bestselling Canadian authors for emergent readers looking to improve their skills.
(Toronto, ON – September 28, 2010) – ABC Life Literacy Canada, in partnership with Grass Roots Press and with support from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, today launched the first six (of 12) titles in the innovative Good Reads series for adult literacy learners.
“Being able to connect adult learners to bestselling Canadian authors is an incredibly powerful experience for all involved,” said Margaret Eaton, President of ABC Life Literacy Canada. “The Good Reads series provides a valuable resource for emergent readers and literacy practitioners in Canada and the enthusiasm and commitment shown by the authors to the adult literacy cause has been tremendous.”
Good Reads is a series of fiction and non-fiction titles written by outstanding Canadian authors, expressly for adult literacy learners. The short, easy-to-read books (about 100 pages) use simple vocabulary and sentence structure, allowing for immediate reader engagement in the story.
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Source: ABC Life Literacy Canada

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