Adult Learners Find Out it’s Never too Late

(Toronto, ON – March 28, 2012) – Literacy is an important tool in lifelong learning and opens up many doors for us, professionally and personally. Yet there are many Canadians who struggle with low literacy and often believe they are alone. They soon come to realize however that nothing could be further from the truth.

“You have to take that first step, make that change in your life. You’re not alone,” said Danny Haines, a learner at Project Adult Literacy Society (PALS) in Edmonton. PALS provides one-on-one tutoring and offers literacy programs in English and math, as well as an ESL program.Overcoming his own struggles with low literacy, Life Literacy Ambassador Lesra Martin also knows that “you’re not alone in your learning journey.” There are options out there to assist adults. It’s never too late to continue the learning journey and increase your literacy skills.

LEARN, Canada’s first national literacy campaign, has helped thousands of adults find a literacy program in their community since 1994. Of potential learners who had seen a LEARN ad, 95 per cent agreed the ad helped them decide to make that first call.

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Source: ABC Life Literacy Canada

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