The Learning Edge: An Interactive Online Newspaper

The Learning Edge is an interactive online newspaper from the Wellington County Learning Centre.  Like English Express, which we looked at last week, The Learning Edge allows readers to choose articles written at different reading levels. The articles are read aloud while the text is highlighted. Following the article learners can choose to then do activities based on the information presented in the text.

While later issues focus almost exclusively on workplace skills each issue can provide learning opportunities to all users who have basic computer skills.

The Learning Edge is a project of the Wellington County Learning Centre in Arthur, Ontario, Canada, and is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and the National Literacy Secretariat of the Government of Canada. Several issues were produced in consultation with the Second Chance Employment Counselling Service of Wellington County. Second Chance provides personal, customized services for people who want to find employment or explore their training and career options.


2 thoughts on “The Learning Edge: An Interactive Online Newspaper

  1. Where is The Learning Edge!!??? It seems to be gone or taken down. This interactive newspaper is a tremendous resource for adult educators. Will it be reposted????

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