Learning + Violence

Three new Interactive Tools addressing how we learn and/or teach literacy and essential skills are now available on the Learning & Violence website. Building on learnings from the past decade about the impacts of violence on learning, three distinct online tools have been created which can help students to learn more effectively and help programs to improve their practices. They include:

1. Student Kit: Helping Myself to Learn
2. College Tool: Changing Lenses, Changing Practices
3. Community-based Literacy Reflection Guide: Creating a Culture of Care

The creators of these tools want your feedback. Explore them, use them in your program or college. Send your feedback to admin@learningandviolence.net  

Source: LiteracyAlberta.ca

One thought on “Learning + Violence

  1. I did a very little bit of editing on these tools, and I loved every minute of it. Great resource for people who want to think about their teaching or other parts of their programs to make them work for everyone.

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