Digital Literacy

Organizations, educators and individuals are all faced with a digital divide – those who use digital communications well, and those who struggle. Digital literacy is an important issue for all as the fusion between technologies demands a higher level of comfort and skill than before. Here’s what is happening around the globe to close the gap.

There is no doubt about the strong connection between digital literacy, essential skills and the economy. Canadian Government Digital Literacy website has posted an article on the topic by the Ontario Literacy Coalition. Although from 2010, there are some good insights. It highlights the need to move forward.

Recently MediaSmarts and Ontario Library Association announced their partnership delivering digital literacy workshops across the province. The Web Awareness Workshop Series on offer is aimed at educators and parents – increasing their understanding of how youth navigate the web and what issues they may face.

Communicatto – an online social media resource – has run a series of articles on digital literacy and its relationship with our economy.  As the digital economy grows, so does the need for improved skills. Survey findings are the beginning of this series – other posts look at social media as the first stop for news, pros and cons of social intranets and digital media for social causes. The link has been formed.

Education Review article , Connecting the Digital Dots in the 21st Century, highlights the gap between linear thinking, print oriented educators and multi-tasking, digitally dexterous E-generation learners. The article explores research, trends and what direction the future is headed.

Online training organization,, has created a new program which includes free tutorials including how to read a webpage, media literacy, and judging online content. Their goal is to improve information synthesis and search skills.

President Obama’s Digital Literacy portal provides resources for people delivering digital literacy courses or programs.  It’s worth a browse.

The UK’s Guardian media website hosts their own Digital Literacy Campaign. We can sometimes forget that not everyone has technology at their fingertips, access to training and an understanding of the impact it is having on their lives.

Around the globe people are looking at the relationship and the solutions.  Literacy organizations will play a key role in unlocking the potential of the people affected.


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