AlphaPlus Podcasts Now Available on iTunes

Since 2010, AlphaPlus has featured adult literacy educators and researchers talking about using technology on the AlphaPlus website. Now, you can find and subscribe to these audio recordings via iTunes and listen to them online or on your mobile devices.

Want to learn more about iTunes? Check out What is iTunes? and iTunes A-Z.

Too often the great work and new ways of doing things are hidden away in our daily routines and we hope that the AlphaPlus Tech Podcasts will shed a spotlight and offer valuable insights from practitioners and researchers into the role and impact of technology use in adult basic education.

We plan to expand our Tech Podcasts series and add more episodes in the future. If you have a topic in mind and/or someone who can speak to it from a practice or research perspective, contact us at

Are you interested in learning more about setting up the podcasts on iTunes account? Within the next few weeks, Matthias Sturm will post on the AlphaPlus blog to share his iTunes experience and provide some tips and hints on what worked and what didn’t. Stay tuned or subscribe to the AlphaPlus blog to receive the latest updates by email or RSS feed.



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