Raise a Reader Vancouver

On your way to work on September 20, look for hundreds of volunteers, professional athletes, community leaders and notable TV and radio personalities descending on the streets of downtown Vancouver to exchange a special edition of The Vancouver Sun newspaper for a donation to the Vancouver Sun’s Raise-a-Reader Campaign.

The Vancouver Sun Raise-a-Reader is committed to supporting family literacy in BC through the annual Raise-a-Reader campaign. Beginning in 2011, the Vancouver Sun partnered with Decoda Literacy Solutions to distribute the funds raised to communities across British Columbia for family literacy programs. The 2011 campaign raised $297,000, and the Province of BC offered a further $500,000 to support family literacy in British Columbia.

This year, we are hoping to increase that total! Look for Raise-a-Reader volunteers on the streets of the Lower Mainland on September 20, or visit raiseareader.com/donate to donate online.

Interested in Volunteering?

Last year, family literacy programs in over 104 communities received funds from Raise-a-Reader. If you are part of one of those programs, or you are passionate about literacy, you are invited to volunteer for Raise-a-Reader. For more information about volunteering for RAR, contact Maureen Kehler, at mkehler@decoda.ca.

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