Celebrating Senator Joyce Fairbairn

(Toronto, ON – August 28, 2012) – It was 1987 when Joyce Fairbairn, then a freshly minted Senator, had her eyes opened to a new issue, a new cause that she would champion as her life’s work: adult literacy.

It was the beginning of a long career championing the cause of adult literacy. Haunted by the conversations she had had with Canadians who had difficult with reading, writing and math, Joyce set out to make a difference, to do something, and she achieved so much.

I have moved from earlier days of fighting for this cause on the basis of social justice or economic necessity, to a very stubborn insistence that literacy is a right and a responsibility of citizenship in this country for every individual wherever they live, whatever their age or circumstance. This is not about special treatment. It is not about privilege. It is about glorying in acquiring knowledge that not only puts bread on the table, but entertains and comforts and enhances the soul. – Senator Joyce Fairbairn (2002)

To read more visit: ABC Life Literacy

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