Financial Literacy Resources

November is Financial Literacy Month. Below are a variety of available resources.

Easy money, by Gail Vaz-Oxlade. (2010).
In an honest, practical style, this book shows how to make your money work for you. Budgeting, saving, and getting debt paid off are explained in an easy to understand way.

Financial basics: a financial literacy workshop, by Financial Consumer Agency of Canada and Investor Education Fund in collaboration with Ellen Roseman. (2010).
This kit contains the materials to present a workshop to help participants learn how to make a budget, manage expenses, understand credit and debt management, protect themselves from fraud, and save for the future. The CD includes all the workshop materials including presentation slides, evaluation forms, and promotional artwork. It is intended for use by post-secondary educational institutions, community organizations, and in the workplace.

Managing money, by Nan Bostick and Susan M. Freese. (2012).
Illustrated with colour photos and written in plain language, this book covers information on personal financial management including controlling spending, banking basics, credit, and budgeting skills. Includes a word list at the end and definitions of words throughout the text.

Money matters, by ABC Life Literacy Canada. (2011)
This resource is a binder that includes the course materials, practitioner guide, volunteer-tutor guide and volunteer training information for a free financial literacy and education savings program for adult learners. It was developed by ABC Life Literacy Canada with TD Bank Group and the Government of Canada. Money Matters brings TD Bank Group volunteer-tutors into community learning centres across Canada to teach numeracy and financial skills. The program is delivered in 2 four-hour units covering spending plans, banking basics, borrowing money, and RESPs and other ways to save.

Money skills manual: financial literacy, by Family Services of Greater Vancouver. (2009).
This is the manual for the 4 session Money Skills program, a free program offered through partnerships between Family Services of Greater Vancouver, their sponsors and community organizations across the Lower Mainland. It covers the topics of budgeting, banking, credit and consumerism, and was designed to offer practical knowledge to diverse populations, including low income participants, women, seniors, immigrants and refugees.

Moneyscenes photos to support financial literacy programmes, by the Basic Skills Agency. (2006).
Moneyscenes contains photographs to inspire speaking and listening activities. Learners might use them in groups, or tutors could base sessions around the everyday financial situations pictured. Includes scenes on: using a vending machine, the Post Office and the supermarket. Each area includes suggested activities and key words. CD contains 2 top-level folders which contain PDF files of all photographs and the tutor guide.

Number & money wizard, by Donna Bowler.
Intended for ESL learners at any level, each kit comes with class set of easy and difficult math problems, money amount cards, coin problem, real coin sets and laminated bills.


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