Resource: Use Digital Technology Sample Tasks and Activities

The tasks in the instructional resources are intended to be sample tasks to support using digital technology in Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) programs within the context of the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF). These resources are not intended to be exhaustive, rather they aim to provide tasks developed for LBS practitioners to use and adapt, expand, or build on. They also aim to offer varied approaches to designing learning materials in relation to the Use Digital Technology Competency (D) in the OALCF.
In the development of the sample tasks, five principles were at the forefront:

  • All learners regardless of their reading, writing, and technology skill levels should have access to learning opportunities using digital technology.
  • Digital technology should be a means to an end. Appropriate choices which digital technology to use or to use one at all need to be made within a blended learning environment.
  • Digital technology tasks should draw from reading content that all learners can work with, if possible, to assure that learners can share learning experiences even if they are involved in tasks requiring various levels of digital technology skills.
  • Digital technology tasks may build on each other and become progressively harder or can be used independently of each other. If applicable, ideas about how a Use Digital Technology Competency level can be increased/decreased within the same task are added value.
  • Cross-references to other OALCF Competencies are included when possible to create opportunities for technology integration across programs and the development of integrated tasks.

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