Writers’ Trust of Canada Free Teaching Resources

The Writers’ Trust of Canada has Free Teaching Resources available on contemporary Canadian Nonfiction Literature. Excerpts from each award-winning book are included with relevant lesson plan guidelines. Printable .pdf versions can be downloaded for free here:www.writerstrust.com/Awards/Hilary-Weston-Writers-Trust-Prize.aspx; to request free hardcopy booklets, or for any other questions or feedback, please contact Katrina Afonso (kafonso@writerstrust.com | 1 877 906 6548 ext. 246).

The Writers’ Trust is a charitable organization that seeks to support talented Canadian authors; these resources have been compiled in order to help introduce students to the excellence of Canadian nonfiction writers.

From the website: “The lessons in these two teaching resources focus on excerpts from the books that were finalists for the 2011 prize and the prize-winning books from 2008, 2009, and 2010. The teaching strategies in each lesson are designed to help students explore those excerpts and appreciate the literary excellence of Canadian writers. The lessons are designed to engage students in critical thinking and inquiry, and are based firmly on Canadian curriculum outcomes and expectations.”

The teaching guide for Hilary Weston Prize winners from 2008 – 2010 can be found here (PDF).

The teaching guide for the Hilary Weston Prize finalists for 2011 can be found here (PDF).

Source: Decoda.ca

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