Using Blogs to Encourage Writing

Blogging tools gained popularity a while ago as simple-to-use tools to create websites with news and updates, journal entries or travel logs. Users set up an account, choose a theme and start blogging. They fill out a form to post a new story and with a simple click, the entries appear on the web page displayed in reverse chronological order. The entries are archived and, over time, create a collection of resources visitors can explore and comment on.

Among the most popular blogging platforms are WordPressBlogger and Tumblr, and literacy organizations started to embrace these platforms to develop their own websites and to provide platforms for students to tell their stories and share writing online.

Sioux Hudson Literacy Council started blogging a while ago and currently uses WordPress to manage its organizational website at as well as to offer courses to introduce literacy students to blogging. Explore The King’s Blog – An Introduction to Blogging and WordPress to learn more about Sioux Hudson’s experiences with blogs.

As Sioux Hudson point out, “Blogging is an opportunity for adult literacy organizations, across all streams, to find their voices and to share their learners’ stories and organizational successes. Blogging provides organizations with a medium to speak to learners, peers and funders.”

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