CLLN Literacy and Earnings Project

The Canadian Literacy and Learning Network has recently been exploring the link between literacy and earnings with a series of research reports that comprise the Literacy and Earnings Project. The results are intended to inform policy and decision-making when it comes to developing and improving the skills of Canada’s workforce.

The Project has three reports currently available:
LEARNING TO EARNING: LINKING LITERACY AND POVERTY USING IALS DATA ON EARNINGS: A LITERATURE REVIEW This report examines the link between poverty and literacy with raw data from the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS).

FROM POVERTY TO PROSPERITY: LITERACY’S IMPACT ON CANADA’S ECONOMIC SUCCESS:IN FOCUS: LABOUR MARKET ENGAGEMENT Examines the relationships between literacy and poverty, along with discussion of how they can affect policy development.

INVESTING IN UPSKILLING: GAINS FOR INDIVIDUALS, EMPLOYERS AND GOVERNMENT: IN FOCUS: BENEFIT RECEIPT PAYMENTS Investigates the costs and benefits to bringing every Canadian currently operating at IALS literacy levels of 1 or 2 (lowest skill levels) to a level 3 (considered the minimum level required to cope with the demands of a knowledge economy).


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