International Symposium on Literacy as Numbers: Researching the Politics and Practices of Literacy Assessment Regimes

On June 17th, our very own Audrey Gardner will attend and provide a poster presentation called: Counting Out Who Can’t be Counted On: the New Norm in Adult Literacy at the International Symposium on Literacy as Numbers held in London, England. Check out a brief rationale of the symposium provided by Literacy of Numbers official website.

Symposium Rationale

Large-scale enumerative projects of literacy assessment are increasingly global in scope and impacting on educational policy and practice. This symposium on ‘Literacy as Numbers’ brings together academics, research students and policy makers who apply critical policy, ethnographic and sociological research perspectives to investigate the politics and practices of literacy assessment regimes. The presentations and discussions will be structured around themes including:

  • The politics of literacy measurement regimes: globalisation, closed and open politics, transparency and public deliberation, numbers in policy discourse; local responses to global policy agendas.
  • Approaching literacy assessment through ethnographic and socio-material enquiry: multi-sited and institutional ethnography, Actor Network Theory; networks, flows of ideas and resources.
  • The politics and practices of cross-cultural literacy assessment: test item adaptation, translation and Differential Item Functioning (DIF), and the ideologies of test items and constructs.
  • Enumerative, ideological and semiotic politics and practices: including common scales, levels and thresholds, ranking and comparison.

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