Share your stories from the field – about successes, innovations and challenges teaching adult literacy and essential skills

Are you an adult literacy practitioner?

Are you interested in hearing about what others are doing in the adult literacy and essential skills field?
Do you have a story you want to share about your own work?

We’d like to hear from you. We’re gathering information and stories from in-person, telephone and Skype interviews with adult literacy practitioners around the province and beyond. Whether you work in small town, on a reserve or in a busy city, we want to hear your stories about your successes, innovations, and yes, even challenges in your corner of the literacy world. We are interested in stories about teaching and learning reading, writing, numeracy and technology.

The Stories from the Field is a research project that is collecting information and stories about teaching and learning practices in adult literacy and essential skills in Alberta. We will use the information you provide to write articles to be posted on the Centre for Excellence in Foundational Learning website. By the end of the project in February 2014, we also hope to identify information, communication and professional development needs as articulated by practitioners. These will be used in the final report to make recommendations for areas needing further research and development.

The Centre for Excellence in Foundational Learning at Bow Valley College promotes critical inquiry, applied research, and innovation in the field of foundational learning (adult literacy, basic education, upgrading and essential skills). We are seeking practitioners from all areas in the diverse field of adult learning. If you contact us, and we have sufficient participants, we will advise you and let you know about other upcoming projects that may be of interest to you. We appreciate everyone’s inquiries!
If you have any questions, or would like to share your stories from the field, please contact Sandi Loschnig at or (403) 283-6343. We can set up an interview in person, by telephone or by Skype. I look forward to hearing from you!

Read the stories at

Published: July 14 2013

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