Resource: The Spiral of Learning and Violence

The Learning and Violence website examines the impact of violence on learning. With extensive academic research as well as stories from both practitioners and students, Dr. Horsman introduces us to the many ways that violence can affect how we learn. You’ll find methods and strategies here for how to understand, recognize, and begin to address the learning needs of students who have been affected by violence. The strategies include creating a safe classroom environment, through support and inclusion, to empower such learners. Adult students, practitioners, educators, as well as researchers and policy makers are likely to find something of interest.

Here are some important questions for educators to reflect on:

• What assumption does your school or program make about violence? Do you treat violence like “the elephant in the room” or have you designed your program to provide the necessary conditions for all students to learn?

• Does your school or program make sure that every student feels welcome – that they belong in the program, and that they will learn “this time around” – even if previously they did not meet with success?

• What messages do students get about their worthiness and your belief in their capacity to learn – from your interactions with them and from how you organize your teaching and the entire institution or program?


The site’s layout has interactive resources, research, and activities to enhance your knowledge on the correlation between learning and violence. The Spiral is a map to help navigate you through the many chambers in the site, reading break activities such as Take Care of Yourself, make it user friendly and remind you that self-care is an important part of learning for all of us. Make sure to check out Changing Education for interactive materials such as audio stories from learners and tools for educators.

Please click here to visit Learning and Violence website.

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