Art + Literacy = Nations Learning Together

Nations Learning Together, a blog of creative writing and artistic expression by literacy students in the Centre for Excellence in Foundational Learning at Bow Valley College.

Nations Learning Together is a project created by students in the Lifeline to Literacy program. Instructor Debra King, and blog developer Lisa Fajardo worked closely with students to design the blog. Its purpose is to showcase creative writing and art by students. They used a democratic decision-making model to develop the blog. Students were highly involved in determining what would go on the blog and how their program was to be described.

This small initiative has had an impact on other programs in our foundational learning department. In the near future we will include new pages for student work in the following three programs: Speech Assisted Reading and Writing literacy program, Aboriginal Upgrading program, and the ArtStream program that supports adults aiming to enter the Alberta College of Art and Design. In the future there will be more creative work by students from other programs in the department. This is just the beginning.

What is important in the Nations Learning Together blog is that through creativity and self-assessment of one’s own work, students in literacy and upgrading programs are practising their democratic rights in education and deciding how they want to showcase their learning.

Click here to check out the website.

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