Farewell Carol McCullough

Carol McCulloughCarol McCullough has worked as literacy practitioner in the Literacy and Essential Skills area of the Centre for Excellence in Foundational Learning at Bow Valley College for 20 years. She has been the Volunteer Tutor Adult Literacy coordinator for much of that time and she has also taught the Adult Basic Literacy Education (ABLE) Read and Write programs. Carol is involved in program promotion, intake and literacy assessments as well as learner and tutor support. Carol was also the Regional Resource lead for Literacy Alberta, for the Calgary region for 12 years. Carol has had huge impact on the literacy community province –wide as a leader ,a mentor, an instructor, an innovator and always with a seemingly tireless passion for adult learning and literacy. Carol retired from this role on June 30, 2015.

Carol will be busy with her community commitments, her many projects and most importantly, her grandkids.

We will miss her wisdom and knowledge and her optimistic generous spirit.

2 thoughts on “Farewell Carol McCullough

  1. How do you spell exemplary adult literacy educator?
    It starts with C = Carol McCullough!!!!
    You will be extremely missed by students and colleagues, there is no other educator like you.
    It was wonderful to work with you.
    Enjoy life!
    Look forward to seeing you at some point down the road

  2. Carol,
    Your dedication, caring for students and attentiveness to help students achieve reachable goals has set an example for everyone. All the best as you continue to venture on new paths.


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