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Stories from the Field Volume 3 now available!

Our third volume of Stories from the Field is now available! This volume represents the first 4 articles of this series that explores successes, challenges, best practices and innovation of ESL literacy practitioners. The new volume has already been well received by our followers. This series is a collaboration between the Centre for Excellence in Foundational Learning … Continue reading

Read Forward is now free and available online!

Adult Literacy Research Institute along with community partners developed an adult reading assessment resource, informally referenced to the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) and now aligned with the Alberta Reading Benchmarks. Read Forward is a low-stakes assessment of reading skills for adults, helpful in identifying both the reading skills adult learners have gained and the … Continue reading

Current issues and innovative work in teaching and learning reading, writing, numeracy and technology in adult literacy and essential skills in Alberta. Investigator: Sandi Loschnig sloschnig@bowvalleycollege.ca Continue reading