What is the project about?


writeforward is a formative assessment. It  is a ’conversation’ about writing which includes an intake and placement activity, exercises and rubrics and guiding questions to understand how to assess writing and support writing skills and strategies development. The exercises have writing tasks that represent writing at home, in the community and at work. The resource includes supplemental materials that can support instruction and assessment, and for learners support self-awareness and reflection.

In 2015, the writeforward team conducted provincial and national pilots. The resource will be available online in March 2016. It will have many similarities to our other resources, Read Forward and the Alberta Reading Benchmarks (ARB).

What is the goal?

The intended outcome for writeforward is that adult literacy learners will understand their writing skill level in relation to the Human Resources and Skill Development Canada (HRSDC) essential skill levels, be able to monitor their progress, develop their writing skills more efficiently through feedback from completing writeforward exercises periodically. Also to increase practitioner knowledge, confidence and skills for effectively working with adults with low writing literacy.

What can this project contribute to the adult literacy and essential skills field?

“We are going to be looking to the experience and expertise of adult literacy practitioners to inform the writeforward framework.” Berniece Gowan who is a project manager, says that “with the results we can create a common knowledge and practice around assessing and teaching writing in the field of adult literacy and essential skills.”

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